Movies123 Download Movie Pulp Fiction

Duration: 2hours 34minutes
Quentin Tarantino
year: 1994
Ratings: 9,5 / 10

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The two best things about this film are the story-telling techniques and the imagery, both proving that Quentin Tarentino is the finest film maker of our time. The story jumps around in both time and place, switching between a large set of seemingly independent characters and stories which all intersect to make a whole far greater than the sum of its parts. And the juxtaposition of images is amazing: the rich drug kingpin’s wife overdosing on the floor of a low-level drug dealers home; the mob enforcers covered in blood in a suburban, middle class house; Bruce Willis walking down some stairs, carrying a sword, wearing a white t-shirt splattered red with blood standing in front of a blue background and proving that there can be honour among thieves. You don’t so much watch the movie as experience it.

This is one of the most pathetic films i have ever seen. the acting is wooden, the storyline (if it can be called that) is convoluted and weak, scenery is boring and only weak minded followers will sit and say that the film was any good. John Travolta was obviously trying to make a comeback and I don’t know who he paid for the reviews, but for some obscure reason, other critics jumped on the tailfeathers and ‘raved’ over this film. Which is a shame that they can’t stand on their on 2 feet and say what needs to be said about this trivial sorte into bland, mild mannered toilet humour sex scenes, inane attempts at humour and woeful blase acting. This film stinks! I refuse to follow like a sheep and even pretend to like it, possibly one of the worst and certainly one of the most over-rated movies ever shown to the public.



I cannot stand when people who get offended by violence and foul language come on this website and call movies like Pulp Fiction garbage. It is beyond me how a movie like Titanic can be so widely praised when a movie like Pulp Fiction is called, overrated.
Quintin Tarantino is a great director. He’s good enough to make John Travolta pass as a halfway decent actor, keep in mind this guy was in “Battlefield Earth. Tarantino brilliantly casted this movie, with a young Uma Thurman and of course Samuel L. Jackson, and although Sam is a great actor to begin with, his performance in Pulp Fiction stands above the rest.
It is an amazing movie and he’s an amazing director. That’s it.