How to get a girlfriend: 15 tips alpha males won’t tell you

how to get a girlfriend

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If you’re a kinda bookish music dork, you’re not going to get the cheerleaders or the edgy “cool” girls to be interested, they’re in a different mindset and all you’re doing is setting yourself up for failure in pursuit of someone who may be hawt, but are often surprisingly boring when they open their mouths. Look around and see what other types of girls are around, make friends with the weirdos, if you don’t like them that way, they may have friends you will and they can put in a good word.

Brad Pitt? Yeah, sure, they’re attractive guys, but they sweat confidence.

Remember, it’s hardly ever about you. Perhaps she has a boyfriend, or perhaps she’s a lesbian. Whatever it is, don’t worry about getting rejected and get on with life. Approach girls and don’t be afraid if they reject you or don’t want to talk to you.

Well let me tell you, you might have everything going for you in terms of looks, money and fame, but if you can’t spark attraction you’re not going to get a girlfriend. So what’s the best way to do that?

4) Use dating apps like Tinder

  • You could maybe even organise the ride before the end of the date.
  • Women do exactly the same thing, so don’t feel bad about it and keep your options open.
  • Y ou want a girlfriend who is better and hotter than anything you’ve ever experienced before.
  • And the social pressure of having sex will decrease, as she feels more comfortable with you.

To assure you WILL be ready when the time and the right woman comes along. Time to get past all the negative shit and just accept it – she’s with him and not you and you’re not privy to their relationship.

I don’t want your effort. I don’t want your money. I don’t want that pressure, I just want to get to know people.

You’ll have to explore certain details for yourself whether it’s through me or not. We’re NOT changing the world here and it’s obvious since the beginning of time men have managed to land some pretty amazing and yes beautiful women too.

This route to ask a girl out is bound to make her gush. Buy a journal and write a little something about all the times you’ve hung out with each other.

Thanks for choosing to take part in the art of developing into a type of man who may specifically posess the ability to make anyone woman weak at the knees. Not only does finding a girl friend seem like an impossible task although you do break it down into steps for success.

You have to be just as mature and respectful. While some of the stress should be gone now that you both know you have feelings for each other, it’s not time to start slacking off.

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